Vision & Mission

Our vision:is to become one of the leading and reliable sources of FMCG, Real Estate, Hypermarket and Retail, Food & Beverage, Facility Management, Health & Beauty, Transind Construction & Fit Out and Logistics.

Our mission:is to focus on the population diversity and cater their needs. We also provide full comprehensive solutions to our customers and suppliers. Moreover, we meet and exceed the expectation of our customers, shareholders, employees and community.

Management Messages

Chairman Message

With great pleasure we introduce you to Transind Holding. Today, we can look back with great pride at a track-record marked with growth and success. In the space of more than three decades and thanks to the wonderful contribution of all our employees and their full dedication, the future of our business is taking on the dimension of a fine collective successful journey.

The mutual partnerships we have built with our customers and suppliers world-wide their trust in our capabilities, high quality products and working teams, has greatly contributed to the realization fulfillment of our vision. We extend our deepest gratitude to all the trusting parties in Transind Holding and we are requesting their continual love, trust and encouragement for upcoming business growth.

- A.Rahman M. J. Al Thani

Managing Director

Transind Holding is a group of companies proud of constant growth since its foundation, having more than 1500 employees. In several years, our global approach, which is centered entirely on customer needs, has put us in the forefront of progress in the Food Trading segment and now in the hospitality, industry and ports trading. And facility management .The reasons for the success of Transind Holding can be explained by a series of unique talents and skills. A passion for the profession which allows us to bring highly reliable and customer worldwide trusted products; A strong motivation by all our business partners who are aware that Transind Holding success directly translates into their own success. This sense of ownership is one of our mainstays.

In fact, our company is based exclusively on the individual, our clients our employees. Customer satisfaction and the development of employees are our main goals. And it is by focusing on these ideals that we are profitable. Our partners, our customers our suppliers know that our quest for improvement in quality is continuous. We believe that: “In the race for quality, there is no finish line”

- Jabor A.Rahman M. J. Al Thani

GCEO’s message

Today, our Group has reached a distinguished level with regard to financial and operational performance and Transind Holding had the tremendous contribution to reach the expected goal of the entire group. Its commercial brand significantly enhanced and its diversified investments steadily strengthened.

We are promising to obtain opportunities that would enable us to achieve more liquidity and profits to the Group. Ultimately, the more profits we gain, the more spontaneous positive impact shall be reflected on our active communal performance

- Ehab Galal Hamed Morad

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